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King Vidor

b. 1894, Galveston, Texas d. 1982, Paso Robles, California Filmography Select Bibliography Web Resources Committed to the most unyielding and almost brutally positive American determination,

George Cukor

b. July 7, 1899, New York City, USA d. January 23, 1983, Los Angeles, USA Filmography Select Bibliography Articles in Senses Web Resources That’s fun,

Joseph Losey

Joseph Walton Losey III b. January 14, 1909, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA d. June 22, 1984, London, England filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources

Buster Keaton

b. Joseph Frank Keaton b. October 4 1895, Piqua, Kansas USA d. February 1 1966, Los Angeles, California USA filmography bibliography articles in Senses web

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