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The Moment of Mythodrama: the 64th Edinburgh International Film Festival

This year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival had its best opening night in years. Not in a regular cinema but in the city’s historic Festival Theatre


Moonlighting (1982 Britain 97 mins) Prod Co: Channel Four Films/Southern Television/ZDF Prod: Jerzy Skolimowski, Mark Shivas, Michael White Dir, Scr: Jerzy Skolimowski Phot: Tony Pierce-Roberts Ed:

The Trauma Film and British Romantic Cinema 1940-1960

Trauma has long played a key role in cinema. John Orr argues that “What is out there as waking nightmare in a dangerous world is

Forgotten Lean: The Ann Todd Trilogy

Though other titles loom larger in perceptions of David Lean’s career, John Orr makes a case for the significance of Lean’s collaboration with Ann Todd

Hitchcock and Hume Revisited: Fear, Confusion and Stage Fright

“This essay is a return to the scene of the crime.” The author of Hitchcock and 20th Century Cinema re-evaluates his low opinion of Stage

New Asian Ventures: The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

10–24 November 2006 A year after showing at the Warner Village multiplex in the plush new Xinyi district of East Taipei, the Golden Horse Festival

figures traced in light: On Cinematic Staging and The Way Hollywood Tells It: Story and Style in Modern Movies by David Bordwell

I come to praise Bordwell, not to bury him. He is the greatest academic film critic writing in the English language and his latest brace

Otto Preminger and the End of Classical Cinema

One of Hollywood’s finest exponents of mise en scène, Preminger, it can justly be argued, is instrumental in defining the transition from classical to modernist

Claire Denis by Martine Beugnet

Martine Beugnet’s study of Claire Denis is a highlight of the lively Manchester series on French film directors, and well worth an uninterrupted read from

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