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Jonathan Demme

b. February 22, 1944, Baldwin, Long Island, New York, USA Filmography Select Bibliography Web Resources Born on Long Island in the shortest month of 1944,

Brian De Palma

b. September 11, 1940, Newark, New Jersey, USA filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Is Brian De Palma cursed? From a purely populist perspective

Todd Haynes

b. January 2, 1961, Los Angeles, California, USA. filmography bibliography web resources Threes are key to understanding Todd Haynes’ cinema. As of this writing, his

Stanley Kubrick

b. July 26, 1928, Manhattan, New York, USA. d. March 7, 1999, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England, UK. filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources It may

You’re Not Supposed to Be Full of Yourself: A Conversation with Andrew Sarris

That he was born on Halloween is not the only interesting thing we learn in this interview with Sarris

Third Time’s the Charm: A Memory Essay to Andrew Sarris

The process of discovering and appreciating a film critic

Personal Memories: A Review of Citizen Sarris

This latest book pays tribute to legendary American critic Andrew Sarris

My Man Godfrey: Interview with Godfrey Cheshire

A thoroughly engaging discussion with a writer who has for a long time straddled the worlds of journalism and film criticism

Perception II: Mindwalk

A little known film about philosophy

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