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“Yes, We Must Improve Ourselves”: Damsels in Distress

A great misapprehension surrounds the four films of Whit Stillman: he is said to only be interested in the rich or super-rich. The dye was

Journey to Galveston: An Interview with Catherine Berge on King Vidor

In the late 1970s, Catherine Berge’s encounter with both the films and person of King Vidor was a seminal turning point in her life. Here,

King Vidor. Photo by G. Scott Campbell. Courtesy of Chris Cooke.

King Vidor: The Editor’s Director

A great director, no doubt, but as Peter Tonguette demonstrates, King Vidor was equally proficient at the art and craft of editing

Steven Spielberg: A Biography

Steven Spielberg: A Biography second edition by Joseph McBride

By 1997, when the first edition of Joseph McBride’s Steven Spielberg: A Biography was published, its author’s previous subjects included Orson Welles, John Ford, Howard

What Ever Happened to Orson Welles? A Portrait of an Independent Career by Joseph McBride

In his excellent 1996 review of several Orson Welles books which had just been published, Jonathan Rosenbaum wrote the following about the revised and expanded

Keith Gordon on Keith Gordon, Part Two: Less Afraid of Happy Endings

The second half of an in-depth interview, covering Gordon's recent films, therein revealing an evolution of his thematic and stylistic concerns

Keith Gordon on Keith Gordon, Part One: From Actor to Director

The first half of an in-depth interview, covering Gordon's beginnings as an actor and his first three films as director

Carlo Di Palma: An Appreciation and a Remembrance

This tribute to the distinguished cinematographer (1925–2004) focuses on his 11-film collaboration with Woody Allen

Peter Bogdanovich

b. July 30, 1939, Kingston, New York, USA Filmography Select Bibliography Articles in Senses Web Resources Let Us Sing of the Days That Are Gone…Peter

“The Company of Magicians”: Orson Welles, Abb Dickson, Scarlet Plush, and Purple Hokum

Welles' fascination with magic fuelled one of his most intriguing late projects. His collaborator recalls its making

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