Call for Submissions

Film in the Time of COVID (Senses of Cinema Issue 95, July 2020)

Cut off from the public sphere and confined to our homes, life during covid shifted gears considerably. For cinephiles, streaming services and online platforms became a life-line, connecting film lovers to an endless array of options – feature films, shorts, TV shows, experimental works, and documentaries. While commercial films had their release dates postponed, a lot of specially curated work appeared online thanks to art galleries, film festivals, and cinematheques that – for the first time in living memory – were faced with the reality of being cancelled.

With this dossier, Senses of Cinema is hoping to build a mosaic of readers’ journeys during this time. Did cinema provide solace in scary, uncertain times? Did it reaffirm previously-held notions that context is crucial, that home viewing can never match the experience of watching a film in a theatre? What were your joys and discoveries? What are the consequences of playing audio-visual works on demand? Does streaming present political and/or ethical inequalities?

We’d love to hear your perspective. Please send us your contribution reflecting on this time. No more than 500 words.

For more information or to contribute to this dossier, please contact Fiona Villella: [email protected].