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Issue 10

Great Expectations

Great Expectations (1946 UK 118mins) Source: CAC Prod Co: Cineguild Prod: Ronald Neame Dir: David Lean Scr: Lean, Neame, Anthony Havelock-Allan Phot: Guy Green Ed:

A Tale of Two Psychos (Prelude to a Future Reassessment)

Schneider begins the task of appreciating Van Sant's Psycho

Music of a Frozen Heart: Love and Disharmony in Un Coeur en hiver

Acquarello reflects on the entwinement of music, love and human relationships in Sautet's film

Monterey Pop

Monterey Pop (1968 USA 79mins) Source: CAC Prod Co: Leacock Pennebaker Dir: D. A. Pennebaker Ed: Nina Schulman With: The Mamas & the Pappas, Canned

Never Yielding Entirely into Art: Performance and Self-Obsession in Takeshi Kitano’s Hana-Bi

Distraction or contemplation: Edwards untangles the wider theoretical implications of Kitano's performance in Hana-Bi

Léon Morin, Prêtre

A selected filmography for producer Carlo Ponti is at the tail of this article. Léon Morin, Prêtre (1961 France 117 mins) Source: CAC Prod Co:

Tiger Tanaka – Interview with Japanese Cult Director Hiroyuki “Sabu” Tanaka

Senses' youngest contributor Gabe Klinger is at it again; here he talks to Japanese filmmaker Sabu

The Colossus of New York (Eugene Lourié, 1958)

Perhaps the weirdest sci-fi film you'll ever read about!

Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy

Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy (1990 Australia 17mins) Source: CAC Prod Co: with the assistance of Australian Film Commission Prod: Penny MacDonald Dir, Scr: Tracey


The seasoned yakuza: Gardner examines Kikujiro

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