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Issue 12

Report from Sundance

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the 2001 Sundance Film Festival was blessedly low on buzz, hype, and Hollywood power players. The threat of union strikes looming

On Four Prosaic Formulas which Might Summarize Hou’s Poetics

A solid and fascinating account of the ideas at play in Hou's cinema, and their relation to Mizoguchi

Full Moon in New York

Full Moon in New York (1990 Hong Kong 88 mins) Source: CF Prod Co: Shio-bu Film, Golden Glory Productions Prod: Henry Fong Dir: Stanley Kwan

Perception II: Mindwalk

A little known film about philosophy

The 5th Newcastle Film Festival

The 5th Newcastle Film Festival (NFF) was held from the 17th to the 19th of November 2000 with filmmaking seminars, international short films and the


A sensitive account of this recent Australian film

Office Killer: A Movie Not for Every Taste

Office Killer (1997 USA 81 mins) Source: Palace Prod Co: Good Machine/Kardana-Swinsky Films/Strand Prod: Pamela Koffler Dir: Cindy Sherman Scr: Tom Kalin, Elise MacAdam Ph:

Waiting for the Prince – An Interview with Béla Tarr

A fascinating insight into the working methods, philosophy, and influences of one of contemporary cinema's most important directors

Specular Failure and Spectral Returns in Two Films with Maggie Cheung (and One without)

Center Stage, Irma Vep and Flowers of Shanghai considered in light of Walter Benjamin's 'aura'

Temptation of a Monk

Teo considers Law's take on the epic, period film

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