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Issue 14

Demolishing a Wall

Bringing together various theories, cinemas and TV, Routt reflects on 'place' and 'space'

Re-animating the Lost Objects d’Childhood and the Everyday: Jan Svankmajer

Paint in the leaves, the wind, insects buzzing in the summer heat, and then wait … for the bird to sing. - from “How to

An Impressionist Work: Mullet

As this is a critique and not a review I won’t offer a synopsis, on the assumption that readers have seen the film. Mullet (David

The 43rd San Francisco International Film Festival – A Report

April 19 – May 3 2001 This year the San Francisco International Film Festival said good-bye to its creative director of 19 years, Peter Scarlet,

The Short Film – A Symposium

Filmmakers and writers reflect on their favourite short films

Displaced? Shifting Politics of Place and Itinerary in International Cinema

Dina traces a new cinema in which traditional hierarchies of centre and periphery no longer apply

Tombstone for Fireflies

Tombstone for Fireflies (1987 Japan 88mins) Source: JIS Prod Co: Studio Ghibli Prod: Toru Hara Dir, Scr: Isao Takahata based on Akiyuki Nosaka’s novella Character

The Fourth Wall Returns: Moulin Rouge and the Imminent Death of Cinema

When Baz Luhrmann’s latest Red Curtain movie opened the Official Selection at Cannes last month, the critics had already made up their minds. As far

The 54th Cannes Film Festival

9-20 May 2001 All my adult life, I have adored spending hours quietly in the dark, indulging and enriching my emotions, feeling life expand, nourishing

Personal Memories: A Review of Citizen Sarris

This latest book pays tribute to legendary American critic Andrew Sarris

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