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Ivan’s Childhood

Ivan's Childhood (1962 USSR 97mins) Source: Film Alliance Prod Co: Mosfilm Dir: Andrei Tarkovsky Scr: Vladimir Bogomolov, Michael Papava from the story by Bogomolov Phot:

A Fun Night Out: Horror and Other Pleasures of the Cinema

This is an extract of a chapter from the book project, Freud's Worst Nightmares, expected to be published by Cambridge University Press as part of

Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival – Welcome amidst a Welter

Festival website, August 9 - 18, 2001 Of all the recent developments in film exhibition, one that causes much bemusement is the seemingly exponential growth

Der Mann mit dem Magnetoskop – Jean-Luc Godards monumentale “Geschichte(n) des Kinos” als TonBildTextBuch

Der folgende Text wurde im Dezember 1998 verfaßt und veröffentlicht in: TAZ (Berlin), Basler Zeitung (Basel), Die Presse (Wien). * * * "Die Erlebnisse unserer

Kids Return

Kids Return (1996 Japan 107mins) Source: JIS Prod Co: Office Kitano Prod: Masayuki Mori, Takio Yoshida, Yasushi Tsuge Dir, Scr, Ed: Takeshi Kitano Phot: Katsumi

Working Outside the Model: An Interview with Vincent Sheehan

Gardner speaks with the producer of the film Mullet, a recent return to form for Australia cinema

Surprises & Disappointments at the 25th Annual Atlanta Film & Video Festival

Celebrating its 25th year as the largest independent festival in the southeast United States, the Atlanta Film & Video Festival under the helmship of director

The Godard Streak or Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

A survey of what is available DVD-wise of Godard's oeuvre

The Love Letters from Teralba Road

The Love Letters from Teralba Road (1977 Australia 50mins) Source: NLA/CAC Prod: Richard Brennan Dir, Scr: Stephen Wallace Phot: Tom Cowan Assist: Martha Ansara Ed:

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