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Issue 21

Losey Revisited

Leahy introduces his 1967 piece on Blind Date, a film rich in allusion about the commodification of human relationships

Todd Haynes

b. January 2, 1961, Los Angeles, California, USA. filmography bibliography web resources Threes are key to understanding Todd Haynes’ cinema. As of this writing, his

Phantom Lady

Readers please note: the first paragraph of this annotation gives away the film's story. Phantom Lady (1944 USA 87 mins) 35mm Source: BFI/UIP Prod Co:

Painting Pavements

From his work in the fiction mode to documentary to installion, Farocki has consistenly explored ideas of language, ideology, perception, and contemporary audio-visual culture

Ivan the Terrible by Yuri Tsivian (BFI Classics, 2002); October by Richard Taylor (BFI Classics, 2002)

In the concluding paragraph of Citizen Kane (BFI Classics, 1992), Laura Mulvey argues that this film has, built into its structure, the need to think

The Shadow of Time Passing: Ghost World

A genuine and poignant portrait of 'being different', Ghost World comes close to being a masterpiece in the tradition of Ozu

King Hu

b. April 29, 1932, Beijing, China. d. January 14, 1997, Taipei, Taiwan. filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources In his youth, King Hu (Mandarin

The Tailor, the Filmmaker and the Cop: A Moment of Innocence

A Moment of Innocence (1996 Iran 78 mins) Source: ACMI/NLA Prod Co: MK2/Pakhshiran Prod: Abolfazi Alagheband Dir, Scr, Ed: Mohsen Makhmalbaf Phot: Mahmud Kalari Art

Passage along the Shadow-Line: Farocki and Others – Approaching a Certain Filmkritik-style

Möller affectionately discusses the films, writing and philosophy of the cineastes who wrote for German film magazine, Filmkritik, a culture or 'movement' strong enough to

Unpacking Clothes: A Review of Costume and Cinema: Dress Codes in Popular Film by Sarah Street

It is only shallow people who fail to judge by appearances. - Oscar Wilde Wilde's epigram is apt when considering Sarah Street's Costume and cinema

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