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The Tailor, the Filmmaker and the Cop: A Moment of Innocence

A Moment of Innocence (1996 Iran 78 mins) Source: ACMI/NLA Prod Co: MK2/Pakhshiran Prod: Abolfazi Alagheband Dir, Scr, Ed: Mohsen Makhmalbaf Phot: Mahmud Kalari Art

Passage along the Shadow-Line: Farocki and Others – Approaching a Certain Filmkritik-style

Möller affectionately discusses the films, writing and philosophy of the cineastes who wrote for German film magazine, Filmkritik, a culture or 'movement' strong enough to

Unpacking Clothes: A Review of Costume and Cinema: Dress Codes in Popular Film by Sarah Street

It is only shallow people who fail to judge by appearances. - Oscar Wilde Wilde’s epigram is apt when considering Sarah Street’s Costume and cinema

Teen Schizophrenia: Donnie Darko

Despite generic constraints and eccentric characters, Donnie Darko keeps things sincere and moving

Chuck Jones

(Charles Martin Jones) b. September 21, 1912, Spokane, Washington, USA. d. February 22, 2002, Corona Del Mar, California, USA. filmography bibliography articles in Senses web

Goodbye, Mr. Germ

Goodbye, Mr. Germ (1940 USA 15 mins) Source: ACMI Prod Co: American Tuberculosis Association Dir: Edgar Ulmer The short film Goodbye, Mr. Germ, Edgar Ulmer’s

The Green of the Grass: Harun Farocki in Filmkritik

A montage of pithy and revealing quotes from Farocki's writings in Filmkritik

Moved By Animation – Animation: Genre and Authorship by Paul Wells

(London: Wallflower, 2002) As Chuck Jones reminds us on the back cover of Norman Klein’s Seven Minutes (for my money, still the best book on

Strangers and Faces: Patrick Stettner’s The Business of Strangers

An intriguing discussion that reflects on notions of 'estrangement' and performance in this film

Akira Kurosawa

b. March 23, 1910, Omori, Tokyo, Japan. d. September 6, 1998, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Few societies are as

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