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Issue 24

Blake Edwards

William Blake McEdwards b. July 26, 1922, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources It would be easy to dismiss Blake Edwards

Revengers Tragedy

Max explores Cox's latest effort, a futuristic adaptation of Jacobean drama and disguised social commentary

An Industry of Philanthropy – Balkan film at the 43rd International Thessaloniki Film Festival

8-17 November 2002 Festival website: “I have always thought that European cinema [industries] should protect themselves…” said Nae Caranfil introducing his latest film Filantropica

Jean-Pierre Gorin

b. April 17, 1943, Paris, France filmography bibliography articles in Senses Jean-Pierre Gorin first achieved international attention through his collaborations with Jean-Luc Godard as the

Walker: American Neo-Imperialism and the Will to Self-Destruction

The film that ostracised him from Hollywood, Cox's surreal, political and overlooked Walker is here paid tribute

Lars von Trier by Jack Stevenson

(London: BFI Publications, 2002) Highly visible on the international scene during the silent film era, Danish cinema is once again generating interest at home and

Looking Both Ways: The Tracker

An analysis of this 2002 Australian release, in particular its cinematic exploration of race relations

Anthony Mann

Emil Anton Bundmann b. June 30, 1906, San Diego, California, USA d. April 29, 1967, Berlin, Germany filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Anthony

End Game: Some thoughts provoked by recent exhibitions, and Godard’s Éloge de l’amour

Considering the work of three artists, Jost reflects thoughtfully and personally on the course of a 'creative' life and the idea of change, growth and

The Felliniesque Besieged: Fellini Lexicon by Sam Rohdie

(London: BFI Publications, 2002) “I first met your name in the Pasquino cinema in Rome. In Trastevere. They show films in English there. You had

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