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Issue 24

Interview with Alex Cox and Tod Davies

In this freewheeling interview, Cox and Davies discuss Revengers Tragedy, politics and society, Buñuel as a major influence, Cox's acting experience, Highway Patrolman, the Moviedrome series,

Preview of the Adelaide International Film Festival 2003 and an Interview with its Director, Katrina Sedgwick

Considering the South Australian government's continual recycling of the promotional dictum that we are "the festival state", it is ironic – and yet perhaps indicative

Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer b. February 3, 1927, Santa Monica, California filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Offering a description of himself for the program

Fear And Loathing In Beverly Hills: Alex Cox On Filmmaking, Film Criticism And The Hollywood Machine

Cox talks at length about the punk movement, his cinema influences, the Internet, and Hollywood

Perspectives on the Ethereal: The 46th London Film Festival

(6 - 21, November 2002) The London Film Festival has taken place at the National Film Theatre on the South Bank, a hub for current

Blake Edwards

William Blake McEdwards b. July 26, 1922, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources It would be easy to dismiss Blake Edwards

Revengers Tragedy

Max explores Cox's latest effort, a futuristic adaptation of Jacobean drama and disguised social commentary

An Industry of Philanthropy – Balkan film at the 43rd International Thessaloniki Film Festival

8-17 November 2002 Festival website: “I have always thought that European cinema [industries] should protect themselves…” said Nae Caranfil introducing his latest film Filantropica

Jean-Pierre Gorin

b. April 17, 1943, Paris, France filmography bibliography articles in Senses Jean-Pierre Gorin first achieved international attention through his collaborations with Jean-Luc Godard as the

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