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Issue 24

Looking Both Ways: The Tracker

An analysis of this 2002 Australian release, in particular its cinematic exploration of race relations

Anthony Mann

Emil Anton Bundmann b. June 30, 1906, San Diego, California, USA d. April 29, 1967, Berlin, Germany filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Anthony

End Game: Some thoughts provoked by recent exhibitions, and Godard’s Éloge de l’amour

Considering the work of three artists, Jost reflects thoughtfully and personally on the course of a 'creative' life and the idea of change, growth and

The Felliniesque Besieged: Fellini Lexicon by Sam Rohdie

(London: BFI Publications, 2002) “I first met your name in the Pasquino cinema in Rome. In Trastevere. They show films in English there. You had

Christopher Lee: His Italian Journey into Perversion

An exploration of Lee's Italian films and their specific presentation of perversion, offering viewers access to unconventional forms of desire and a unique viewing experience

Jacques Rivette

Jacques Pierre Louis Rivette b. March 1, 1928, Rouen, France filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Jacques Rivette, who emerged in the 1950s, along

Jack Cardiff: Source Of Light

Emanating from a personal discussion with Cardiff, Max explores the career, technique and wisdom of a living cinema legend

A Long Hard Look at ‘Psycho’ by Raymond Durgnat

A comprehensive, substantial appraisal of Durgnat's posthumously published Psycho

Hitchcock, Machines, and Us

A probing examination into Hitchcock's cinema and its pull between the expressionist and the formalist/conceptual

Eric Rohmer

Jean-Marie Maurice Scherer b. April 4, 1920, Nancy, France filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources In 1978, in the middle of a career spanning

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