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Issue 25

Breaking the Waves: Flawed Fatherhood and Fraternal Rivalries in Russell Mulcahy’s Swimming Upstream

Australian cinema's recent instalment into the study of domestic ties, fraught masculinity, and coming-of-age


Pixote (1981 Brazil 123mins) Source: ACMI/NLA Prod Co: Embrafilme Prod: Paulo Francini Dir: Hector Babenco Scr: Hector Babenco, Jorge Duran, from Jose Louzeiro's novel Infancia

André de Toth, Luke Short, Ramrod: style, source, genre

A rich, multi-layered study of de Toth's landmark Western, Ramrod, considering it to be a turning point in film noir

New Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction by Geoff King

(New York: Columbia University Press, 2002) Geoff King's new book, New Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction, sets his project out in plain English and with clear and

First is First and Second is Nobody: Hoodlums and Heroines in Joseph H. Lewis’ The Big Combo

The Big Combo (1955 USA 88mins) Source: ACMI/NLA Prod Co: Allied Artists, Security Pictures, Theodora Productions Prod: Sidney Harmon Dir: Joseph H. Lewis Scr: Philip

Richard Lowenstein

b. March 1, 1959, Melbourne, Australia filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources Over the past 25 years Australian cult director Richard Lowenstein has established

The Rules of Being Australian

This discussion of the recent film Australian Rules explores the complexities of 'representation' in both art and politics

“… Only Superficially Superficial”: The Tragedy of Sophistication in Madame de.

Madame de… (1953 France 102mins) Source: Film Alliance Prod Co: Franco-London Prod: Ralph Baum, Max Ophuls Dir: Max Ophuls Scr: Marcel Achard, Annette Wademont, Max

Driftin’: In Tribute to André de Toth

In this overview of de Toth's cinema, Danks details its uniqueness and complexity

Positif Fifty Years: Selections From The French Film Journal edited by Lawrence Kardish and Michel Ciment

(Museum Of Modern Art: New York, 2002) While four anthologies of writing from Cahiers du Cinéma have been published in English, it's taken 50 years

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