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Issue 26

Ford Rises from the Dead. Again.

John Ford's early film, Bucking Broadway, was recently 'found' in Paris and later restored. Ford expert, Tag Gallagher appraises the restoration

Welcome to Issue 26 of our journal!

By chance more than design, this issue has a sombre cast to it. Some of the films discussed here explore contemporary scenarios of social alienation and

Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls

Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls (1970 USA 32 mins) Source: ACMI/NLA Prod Co: Merchant Ivory Productions Prod: Ismail Merchant Dir: Anthony Korner Scr: James

Do the Right Thing: the Films of Michael Haneke

Fragmented yet logical, estranging yet compassionate, Haneke's films find new ways to dramatise and diagnose contemporary alienation

Harmony Korine

b. 1974, Bolinas, California, USA filmography bibliography web resources To a sizeable majority of film enthusiasts, the question of Harmony Korine being considered a ‘great’

The Last Detail

The Last Detail (1973 USA 104 mins) Source: ScreenSound Australia Prod Co: Bright-Persky Associates/Acrobat (Columbia) Prod: Gerald Ayres Dir: Hal Ashby Scr: Robert Towne from

Fespaco and the Transformations of Pan-African Film Promotion

Although the journey through Burkina Faso’s savannah is indeed scenic, one would perhaps not expect soon to hit upon the film centre of Africa. But

Between Action and Repression: The Piano Teacher

Haneke's latest film takes us to the limits of empathy in its analysis of sexual dysfunction and the repressions of high culture

Richard Lester

b. January 19, 1932, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA filmography bibliography web resources Looking back on the career of Richard Lester is a little like receiving the

Lisbon Story: Portugal Year Zero

Lisbon Story (1994 Germany/France 105 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: Mikado Film Prod: Paulo Branco, Joao Canijo, Ulrich Felsberg, Wim Wenders Dir, Scr: Wim Wenders

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