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Issue 29

Recuperation and Rear Window

James Stewart in Rear Window is convalescent, not mentally disturbed, argues Pomerance – whose own experience of immobilising injury gave him a chance to see

Ritwik Ghatak

b. 4 November, 1925, Jindabazar, Dhaka, East Bengal (now Bangladesh) d. 6 February, 1976, Calcutta, West Bengal, India filmography bibliography web resources For him Hollywood

The Stranger

The Stranger (1946 USA 95 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod: Sam Spiegel (as S. P. Eagle) Dir: Orson Welles Scr: Anthony Veiller (John Huston and Orson

New York Film Festival 2003 – A Report

Please note: discussions of individual films reveal plot details. Year after year I find myself frustrated by the New York Film Festival’s extreme selectivity, its

Tony’s Options: The Sopranos and the Televisuality of the Gangster Genre

Arguing against the proposition that television should be more like film, Nochimson shows how TV's The Sopranos transforms gangster film conventions through serial narrative patterning

Terry Gilliam

b. Terence Vance Gilliam b. November 22, 1940, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA filmography bibliography web resources * * * Federico Fellini’s 8½ (1963) opens with one

Laughing Gas: The Dentist

The Dentist (1932 USA 20 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: Republic Prod: Mack Sennett (uncredited) Dir: Leslie Pearce Scr: W.C. Fields (uncredited) Phot: John W.

Report on the 22nd Pordenone Silent Film Festival

What astonishes at the Pordenone Silent Film Festival (Le Giornate del Cinema Muto), which takes place annually in northern Italy, is not just the richness

Five to Ten: Five Reflections on Abbas Kiarostami’s 10

Utilising a prism-like structure, Caputo arrives at a range of observations and conclusions about Kiarostami's latest feature, Ten, his cinematic style in general and digital

Jerry Lewis

b. March 16, 1926, Newark, New Jersey, USA filmography bibliography web resources To note that the films of Jerry Lewis are a rich, pleasurable and

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