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Issue 31

Ford Till ’47

“The essential Ford composition is a person acting freely within a geometric space,” writes Gallagher in this close look at the first half of a

Welcome to Issue 31 of our journal!

For this issue, we considered launching a wide-ranging investigation into the current state of Australian film culture. Then we realised this would bore everyone to

A Face in the Crowd

A Face in the Crowd (1957 USA 125 mins) Source: ScreenSound Australia Prod Co: Newtown Productions/Warner Bros. Prod, Dir: Elia Kazan Scr: Budd Schulberg, based

This Little Piggy Went to Market: Slamdance X Film Festival

PARK CITY – An overwarmed room somewhere in the Sodom of the Wasatch. People are looking at me with dog-eyes. They flit them down to

Multichannel Memory: Notes on a Conversation with Duncan Roy

Using “multichannel” techniques, Duncan Roy's AKA tells the autobiographical story of a runaway teenager – and reveals the inseparability of memory, narrative and "self".

Lady Windermere’s Fan

Lady Windermere’s Fan (1925 USA 83 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: Warner Bros. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch Scr: Julien Josephson, based on the play by Oscar

Lucio Fulci

b. June 17, 1927, Rome, Italy d. March 13, 1996, Rome, Italy filmography references bibliography web resources “And you will face the sea of darkness,

The Battle of Midway

The Battle of Midway (1942 USA 18 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: U.S. Navy, War Activities Committee/20th Century Fox Prod, Dir: John Ford Narration: John

The Rink

The Rink (1916 USA 21 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: Mutual Film Corporation Prod, Dir, Scr: Charles Chaplin Phot: Roland Totheroh Cast: Charles Chaplin, Edna

Flashing Spikes

Alcoa Premiere Theatre: Flashing Spikes (1962 USA 53 mins) Source: PC Prod Co: Avista Productions/Revue Dir: John Ford Scr: Jameson Brewer, from the novel by

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