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Issue 31

Ford Till ’47

“The essential Ford composition is a person acting freely within a geometric space,” writes Gallagher in this close look at the first half of a

Welcome to Issue 31 of our journal!

For this issue, we considered launching a wide-ranging investigation into the current state of Australian film culture. Then we realised this would bore everyone to

Making History: Errol Morris, Robert McNamara and The Fog of War

Matters of truth and perception, style and representation, ethics and political responsibility, history and human error all come to the fore in Morris' latest documentary,

Four Sons

Four Sons (1928 USA 100 mins) Source: Library of Congress Prod Co: Fox Dir: John Ford Scr: Philip Klein, from the I. A. R. Wylie’s

Letter From Krungthep: Bangkok International Film Festival 2004

I’m thinking of quitting doing film festival reports because I remain sceptical that this format can produce anything novel. I get bored with, tired from

Conversations with Emile de Antonio

An exemplary, early prototype of political documentary filmmaking, de Antonio's body of work is as vital today as it was in the past. Here, we

Les Amants

Les Amants (1958 France 90 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: Nouvelles Éditions de Films Prod: Irénée Leriche Dir: Louis Malle Scr: Louis Malle, Louise de

Chaos and Control: The Cinema of Emir Kusturica: Notes from the Underground by Goran Gocic

Some filmmakers’ work possess such vitality the films have the effect of energising or frazzling the viewer. This is often because the world created has

Charulata: The Intimacies of a Broken Nest

Charulata/The Lonely Wife (1964 India 124 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: R. D. Banshal & Co. Dir, Mus: Satyajit Ray Scr: Satyajit Ray, based on

The Circus

The Circus (1928 USA 71 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: Charles Chaplin Productions, United Artists Prod, Dir, Scr, Ed: Charles Chaplin Asst Dir: Harry Crocker

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