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Issue 33

Draggin’ The River: The Ister

An essay that travels upriver from a viewing of this unique, probing film to that black sheep of twentieth century German philosophy, Martin Heidegger, and

Welcome to Issue 33 of our journal!

Here in Australia, this month has seen Prime Minister John Howard and his conservative government re-elected with an increased majority, despite widely expressed dismay over

The Gag Reflex

An award-winning comic filmmaker reveals a few tricks of the trade

Scorsese’s Alibis? Scorsese’s Men: Melancholia and the Mob by Mark Nicholls

Male melancholy, according to Adrian Martin, is one of those places where cinema has a rendezvous with its destiny. Perhaps this is why cinephiles often

Crossing Over, or “It’s a Long Way to Lordsburg”: Comanche Station

Comanche Station (1960 USA 73 mins) Source: Sony Picture Classics Prod Co: Ranown Prod, Dir: Budd Boetticher Scr: Burt Kennedy Phot: Charles Lawton, Jnr Ed:

Talking About Seeing: A Conversation with James Benning

The uncategorisable experimental filmmaker was recently in Brisbane to introduce a program of his films

Morning of the Earth: A Surf Movie Classic

Morning of the Earth (1972 Australia 77 mins) Source: ScreenSound Australia Prod: David Elfick Dir, Phot, Ed: Albert Falzon Mus: G. Wayne Thomas with Brian

The Prodromic Institution of Spass: The Idiots

This analysis of Lars von Trier's original Dogma film considers idiocy as a spreading disease

Danish Dogmas: Purity and Provocation: Dogma ’95 edited by Mette Hjort and Scott MacKenzie

In 1995 the (in)famous Danish director Lars von Trier and the young director Thomas Vinterberg launched a manifesto for filmmaking known as Dogma ’95 and

Voyage to the End of the World: Manoel de Oliveira’s A Talking Picture

Ostensibly a film about a boat trip, Oliveira's film questions the legacy of ancient civilisation in western society today

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