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Issue 34

Triple Agent: Portrait of the Unknowable Other, Reflection of the Unknowable Self

Not just a “spy movie”, Rohmer's film is a stylish summation of his 50-year career and, more than tackling his lifelong occupation with verbal interaction

Returning to Cinematic Roots: The 7th queerDOC Festival

September 9–12, 2004 Valhalla Cinema, Sydney The change of venue for this year’s queerDOC festival, the international documentary film festival presented by Queer Screen, harked

Family Meals, Family Values, and Philippine Cinema: An Interview with Independent Filmmaker Khavn De la Cruz

Interview with the prolific, DV-loving independent filmmaker Khavn whose latest film The Family That Eats Soil recently premiered at Rotterdam


Blowup (1966 UK 111 mins) Source: Chapel Films Prod Co: Bridge Films/MGM Prod: Carlo Ponti Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni Scr: Michelangelo Antonioni, Edward Bond, Tonino Guerra,

Free, Radical: The 49th Cork Film Festival

October 10–17, 2004 Like any substantial film festival, the Cork program presents an imposingly dense block of cinema out of which each viewer must carve

Russian Soul, Eurotrance: Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids edited by Giovanni Chiaramonte and Andrei A. Tarkovsky

If only because of the softness of the image, and that unavoidably yellowy-brown colour palette characteristic of Polaroid snaps, these photographs could not deserve recognition

Sailing to Atlantean: Bob Quinn and National Myth

A three-part Irish film made in the early '80s that explores hidden traces connecting the cultures of Ireland, Britain, France, Spain and North Africa

Agit Pop: The 52nd San Sebastián International Film Festival

September 17–25, 2004 As the largest film festival in Spain, the San Sebastián International Film Festival is well-placed to represent Spanish cinema. And as are

Looking Back at Looking Back: A Review of History of Australian Cinema

Three films documenting early Australian cinema are released for the first time on DVD and are reviewed and re-considered in a twenty-first century context here

Winter Light

Winter Light/Nattvardsgasterna (1963 Sweden 81 mins) Source: ACMI Collections Prod Co: Svensk Filmindustri Prod: Allan Ekelund Dir, Scr: Ingmar Bergman Phot: Sven Nykvist Ed: Ulla

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