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Issue 40

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Insightful reflections on the major Godard exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

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For many decades, Peixoto’s avant-garde film remained a mostly unseen treasure of Brazilian cinema. This article brings the film’s historical context to light, and discusses

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Discussion of Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator as illuminated through the prism of Adorno’s Marxist thought

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Michael Powell’s 1966 satire on Australian life-style made extensive use of Sydney locations. Collins discusses a range of cultural discourses that frame conceptions of the

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The cinema has long been attracted to photographing great cultural icons. This article provides a thorough account of the celluloid life of one of Australia’s

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Philosophical meditations on the existential and moral landscape of Melville’s cinema

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“What are all these paintings doing in a history of cinema?” The author gives an answer in her analysis of Godard’s monumental video work, which

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Good Night, and Good Luck as radical political cinema? Chamberlin astutely states the case for Clooney’s smuggler’s instinct for getting subversive political thought into mainstream

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One of the best films in recent years receives extended appraisal

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Composer and musicologist Charalampos Goyios provides an insightful analysis of opera as dramatic form in Allen’s recent film

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