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Len Lye

b. Leonard Charles Huia Lye b. Christchurch, New Zealand, July 5, 1901 d. Warwick, Rhode Island, May 15, 1980 Filmography Select Bibliography Articles in Senses

Derek Jarman

b. 31 January, 1942, Northwood, Middlesex, UK d. 19 February, 1994, London, UK Filmography Select Bibliography Web Resources Derek Jarman: Radical Traditionalist By the time

Unexpected Filiations: The 26th Sundance Film Festival

January 18-28, 2007 In spite of a creeping feeling that Sundance 2007 was not a great vintage, there were some really good films – albeit

A Cinema In-Flux: German Films at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival

February 8-18, 2007 When the German dailies gave this year’s Berlinale an unfortunate post mortem, they merely subscribed to an annual tradition. For although there

Inside and Outside: The 2006 AFI Fest/American Film Market

November 1-12, 2006 The American Film Institute Festival (AFI), now with its twin shadow, the American Film Market (AFM), is a double-entry affair. On the

More Please: Report on the 3rd Biennial Adelaide Film Festival

22 February – 4 March 2007 Adelaide has a long tradition of putting money into its Arts events. It was the first Australian city to

Short: As Long As It Takes as part of The 36th Rotterdam International Film Festival

January 24 – February 4, 2007 In a festival as large and as diverse as Rotterdam, it’s often hard to choose what to see –

The End of Innocence: Scandinavian Films at the 30th Göteborg International Film Festival

26 January – 5 February 2007 The 30th Göteborg International Film Festival proved why it is Scandinavia’s superior film festival. Featuring 450 films from 65

Straub Anti-Straub

Tag Gallagher notes that Pedro Costa describes his film on Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub, Où gît votre sourire enfoui?, as “anti-Straubian”. Gallagher offers a

How to Share a Hill

Illuminating discussion of the æsthetic and philosophical connections between King Vidor and the renowned American painter Andrew Wyeth

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