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Issue 59 | June 2011

The Matrix

Welcome to Issue 59 of our journal

“Certainly there was a misunderstanding, and I have been hesitant to speak about The Matrix until now.” So said Jean Baudrillard about the Matrix trilogy

Lars von Trier at Cannes

Lars von Trier’s Other Comments at Cannes

In his now infamous press conference, Lars von Trier’s comments about Nazis and Jews received the overwhelming focus of attention, but other contentious words were

The Matrix

The Seventies Reloaded: (What does the cinema think about when it dreams of Baudrillard?)

Jean Baudrillard’s encounter with cinema, and cinema’s encounter with Baudrillard’s thought are the twin subjects of this extensive discussion of American cinema of the 1970s

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre or, Socrates in the Desert

Socratic lessons can be articulated in all manner of ways. Pedro Blas Gonzalez examines John Huston’s 1947 fable about avarice and greed.

Trouble in Paradise

Lost Treasure: Trouble in Paradise

Of the great Ernst Lubitsch masterpieces, this luminous 1932 comedy has perhaps received less praise than it deserves

The Pawnbroker

Auschwitz­–Harlem: Post-Traumatic Economy in The Pawnbroker

In light of Sidney Lumet’s recent passing away, this article pays tribute to his powerful 1964 dramatised study of a post-Holocaust survivor living a life

Sweet Movie

Something Against Nature: Sweet Movie, 4, and Disgust

The author brings together two seminal films from differing eras that challenge audiences in complex and confronting ways

Journey to Galveston: An Interview with Catherine Berge on King Vidor

In the late 1970s, Catherine Berge’s encounter with both the films and person of King Vidor was a seminal turning point in her life. Here,

King Vidor. Photo by G. Scott Campbell. Courtesy of Chris Cooke.

King Vidor: The Editor’s Director

A great director, no doubt, but as Peter Tonguette demonstrates, King Vidor was equally proficient at the art and craft of editing

Joe Swanberg

Accidental Cinema and the YouTube Sublime: An Interview with Joe Swanberg

Often seen as the figurehead of the so-called “mumblecore” cineastes, Joe Swanberg discusses the aesthetic and technological practices that inform this indie phenomenon

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