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Issue 64 | September 2012

Warner Roadshow Studios

Goldsmith B, Ward S and O’Regan T, 2010, Local Hollywood: Global Film Production and the Gold Coast

In 1988 Warner Roadshow Studios opened on the Gold Coast in south-east Queensland, with four soundstages and other facilities to support film and television production.

La Jetee

Welcome to Issue 64 of our journal

[caption id="attachment_12479" align="alignright" width="300" caption="La Jetee"][/caption] He seemed immortal, Chris Marker. For so long the basic empirical data of his life – his name, date

Chris Marker


Chris Marker Special Dossier: My Letter from Siberia by Murray Pomerance Séance “C.M.” by Gavin Keeney Montage as Resonance: Chris Marker and the Dialectical Image by Daniel

The Overlanders

Key Moments in Australian Cinema

Contents: Luke Buckmaster on Dead End Drive-In Kit Harvey on Red Hill Lesley Speed on Ants in His Pants Adrian Danks on The Overlanders Stephen

Holy Motors

Festival Reports

[caption id="attachment_12467" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Holy Motors"][/caption] Contents: Jorge Mourinha on Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival Sally Shafto on Khouribga Bill Mousoulis on Karlovy

Hourglass Sanatorium

Cinémathèque Annotations on Film

[caption id="attachment_12473" align="alignright" width="298" caption="The Hourglass Sanatorium"][/caption] Contents: Tony Williams on The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks Shari Kizirian


Book Reviews

[caption id="attachment_12470" align="alignright" width="222" caption="Peter Lorre: Face Maker"][/caption] Contents: Mary Harrod on Richard Linklater Mike Walsh on The Shadowcatchers: A History of Cinematography in Australia

Letter From Siberia

My Letter from Siberia

I went with my close friends Steve Miller and Nancy Corwin, sometime in the autumn of 1969 (when I was twenty-three), to see Chris Marker’s

A Clockwork Orange

Kubrick Creator: Alchemy in Stanley Kubrick’s Films

How one should turn to stone. - Slowly slowly become hard like a precious stone - and finally lie there still and silent, to the

A Simple Story

Claude Sautet: Purity and Invention

What is the thing in its essential nature and how is it to be treated? Those are the two fundamental questions for the artist. They

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