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La Dolce Vita

Welcome to Issue 70 of our journal

Readers may find it odd at first to see Federico Fellini’s name appear as an author on the content’s page of our current issue –


Welcome to Issue 69 of our Journal

Frederick Wiseman’s latest film, At Berkeley, and Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell both screened at this years Toronto International Film Festival. John Dentino’s For I

Man With a Movie Camera

Welcome to Issue 68 of our journal

When writing on the modern figure of the flâneur, Charles Baudelaire’s description sometimes gives this figure of the city-stroller making his way down the boulevards

Michaelangelo Antonioni during the filming of Chung Kuo: Cina (China)

Welcome to Issue 67 of our journal

“It was a harsh and courteous battle that had neither winners or losers. A compromise came out of it, and the film that I filmed


Welcome to Issue 66 of our journal

This issue of Senses is dedicated to the memory of Nicola White (1964-2013). Nicola – or “Nicki” as she was affectionately known to friends and


Welcome to Issue 65 of our journal

What an odd event the European Film Awards is. Recently broadcast, the European Film Awards this year celebrated its Silver Jubilee edition. Like the Eurovision

La Jetee

Welcome to Issue 64 of our journal

He seemed immortal, Chris Marker. For so long the basic empirical data of his life – his name, date and place of birth, his private


Welcome to Issue 62 of our journal

Once upon a time in France, long, long before The Artist and all it represents was even a blimp on distant horizons, film culture had

Bulle Olgier in L'amour Fou. Photo: Pierre Zucca & Alain Levent.

Welcome to Issue 61 of our journal

“If ever anyone has the courage and the time to write a great chronicle of the French New Wave, I suspect that Jacques Rivette’s L’amour

Mondo Cane

Welcome to Issue 60 of our journal

Dear readers At Senses we have recently been busy with a new project, which you may have already heard about. The team at Senses of

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