Issue 57


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Ava Gardner

As a stand-alone piece, this essay dates back to 1958, and subsequently reprinted in the 1972 French edition of Morin’s seminal study Les Stars. Published here for the first time in English translation.

The Older Grows the Body, the Faster Run the Machines

Digitalisation throws up all kinds of problems and challenges for the very physical and corporeal nature of theatrical or cinematic performance. Digitalisation insists that the body is immaterial, freed from gravity, visually able to roam space at accelerating or de-accelerating speeds, adaptable to the many scales and stretched expectations of spectatorship, and in a way, immortal.

Making Space

Digital cinema is not free of the chains of the past. Constructing the impression of space on two-dimensional surfaces has fascinated artists, designers and engineers for centuries. Sean Cubitt’s article provides a fascinating historical overview of what digital technology has inherited from the Cartesian grid of two-dimensional geometry.

The Cinemas of Interactions: Cinematics and the ‘Game Effect’ in the Age of Digital Attractions

In recent years many reevaluations of film and film theory have focused upon the way in which digital technologies of production and distribution alter the relationship between film and our broader audiovisual culture. Leon Gurevitch discusses examples of how digital cinema content increasingly originates on, and migrates across, multiple platforms that render old dichotomies of film and television incomplete.

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