Just Who Owns the Shop? Identity and Nationality in Obchod na korze

Czech or Slovak? When consideration of a film's origin becomes a complicated affair

Hope Deep Within – Béla Tarr’s Werckmeister Harmonies

Klinger realises it's probably more fulfilling watching the films than speaking with the man

Taboo Serbia: An Interview with Janko Baljak

Trbic speaks to a filmmaker at the heart of Serbia's independent documentary scene

The Anatomy of Madness: Independent Documentary Film in Milosevic’s Serbia

A fascinating discussion of independent film in a time of severe political oppression, only just recently overturned

Then You Just Do Your Work: An Interview with Boris Frumin

Privett speaks to Soviet filmmaker and émigré, Boris Frumin

The Country of Movies: An Interview with Dusan Makavejev

Always a step ahead with his ingenious and subversive dismantling of political icons, Privett gets closer to the great Makavejev

To Market, To Market

George recently returned from two of the biggest annual film markets in London and Milan

The Jewish Film Festival… Brings them in, and Shows How to Bring it off

Freda explores the program of the annual Jewish Film Festival and its continued success

Welcome to Issue 10 of our journal!

In this current era of ours, in which war and bloodshed escalate uncontrollably and young adults run through the streets in euphoria at the end

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