Hong Kong Cinema Books Reviewed

Steve Erickson reviews two important books that begin the task of documenting and analysing this dynamic cinema: David Bordwell's Planet Hong Kong and John Charles'

Philippe Garrel – Filmography

1964 Les Enfants désaccordés, 35 mm, n&b, 15 min. Sc, Mont, Prod : Philippe Garrel. Ph : André Weinfeld. Int : Christiane Pérez, Pascal Laperrousaz,

Heaven’s Burning

Redefining the outback and the Oz road movie: Felicity Collins untangles what implicates her to this film

Metal Skin and the Cinema of Noise

An attempt to put a lid on the disturbing sounds and images of Geoffrey Wright's Metal Skin

Sweetness and Light: À la place du coeur

(Robert Guédiguian, 1998) This unassuming film has reservoirs of riches that have transfixed me three times now. I saw it initially at last year's Melbourne

‘The Way of the Samurai’ – Ghost Dog, Mishima, and Modernity’s Other

Jarmusch's Ghost Dog and the Mishima Affair linked and revealed as instances of our postmodern condition

Impromptu Entertainment: Performance Modes in Cassavetes’ Films

Untangling issues of entertainment and performance in the films of Cassavetes

Contemporary Australian Cinema – A Symposium

A collection of passages by various critics and writers on recent Australian films set in suburbia

Just Hold Still: A Conversation with Jem Cohen

Rest assured - the American independent tradition lives on. Rhys Graham brings the prolific, talented, intelligent and idealistic Jem Cohen, whose film Benjamin Smoke recently

Paul Cox – Filmmaker

Local filmmaker Philip Tyndall pays homage to the work of Paul Cox

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