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Charles Bitsch

Charles Bitsch’s Filmography and Publications

Partial Filmography of Bitsch’s own films 1953 episode of Les Trois rendez-vous 1963 “Cher baiser”, sketch film in Les Baisers 1964 “Lucky la chance”, sketch

Interview with Orson Welles

In the first decade of the Cahiers era, Bitsch conducted many interviews with Hollywood directors. He has expressed great fondness for this particular one –

The House or the Chaos

An elegant essay in praise of Bitsch’s films, written by fellow Cahiers du Cinéma critic and French New Wave director Luc Moullet.

Introduction to Dossier

When exactly is the 50th anniversary of the French Nouvelle Vague? Sally Shafto provides a brief rationale

Interview with Charles Bitsch

Wide-ranging interview in which Bitsch discusses his youthful cinéphilia, his association with Cahiers du Cinéma, and his work with Jacques Rivette, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Melville,

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