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La Dolce Vita

Welcome to Issue 70 of our journal

Readers may find it odd at first to see Federico Fellini’s name appear as an author on the content’s page of our current issue –

Bright Star

Key Moments in Australian Cinema

Looking for Captain Thunderbolt (Cecil Holmes, 1953) by David Donaldson The Hunt: Wake in Fright (Ted Kotcheff, 1971) by Andrew McCallum Night of Fear (Terry

Mamma Roma

Cinémathèque Annotations on Film

Contents: Tony Williams on A Touch of Zen  Bruce Hodsdon on Mamma Roma Christopher Sharrett on Salo Sam Ishii-Gonzales on Mirror Brad Weismann on Stalker David Melville on Belle de jour

Robinson in Ruins (Keiller, 2010)

Book reviews

Contents: Allan Cameron on Millennial Cinema: Memory in Global Film  Daniele Rugo on The View from The Train  Deborah Allison on Falling Down Rochelle Siemienowicz

Federico Fellini

Making a Film

Translator’s Preface Federico Fellini’s Fare un film (1980) is the most comprehensive collection of the idiosyncratic Italian director’s writings available in any language. The contents

Jep the flâneur (Tony Servillo)

Cultural and Political Exhaustion in Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty

Upon watching La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty, 2013) by Paolo Sorrentino, the first two surfacing feelings are: what a stunning piece of work, and

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