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“Pure Artifice”: Fritz Lang’s Moonfleet

(1) Moonfleet (1955 USA 88 mins) Prod Co: MGM/Loew’s Incorporated Prod: John Houseman Dir: Fritz Lang Scr: Jan Lustig, Margaret Fitts, based on the novel


Fury (1936 US 92 mins) Prod Co: MGM Prod: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Dir: Fritz Lang Scr: Bartlett Cormack, Fritz Lang, from the story “Mob Rule”

Power and the Mythic Gaze in Fritz Lang’s Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler

Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler (1922 Germany 270 mins) Prod Co: Uco-Film GmbH Prod: Erich Pommer Dir: Fritz Lang Scr: Thea von Harbou, based on the

You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once (1937 US 86 mins) Prod Co: Walter Wanger Productions/United Artists Prod: Walter Wanger Dir: Fritz Lang Scr: Graham Baker, based on

Where Dreams Go to Die: Scarlet Street

Scarlet Street (1945 USA 102 mins) Prod Co: Diana Productions/Universal Prod, Dir: Fritz Lang Scr: Dudley Nichols, based upon the novel and play La Chienne,

Felicitous Rooms: Fritz Lang’s House by the River

House by the River (1950 USA 88 mins) Source: NFVLS Prod Co: Fidelity Pictures Corporation/Republic Prod: Howard Welsch Dir: Fritz Lang Scr: Mel Dinelli, from the novel by A. P.

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