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Notre Musique

Notre musique: Godard’s Shot/Reverse Shot Ruminations on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

An admitted anti-Zionist with a history of ardent support for Palestinian opposition to Israel, Jean-Luc Godard frequently uses his films as a forum in which

Prenom Carmen

Prénom Carmen

Jean-Luc Godard’s Prénom Carmen (First Name: Carmen, 1983) is the third film, after Sauve qui peut (la vie) (Every Man for Himself/Slow Motion, 1980) and

Two or Three Things

Two or Three Things I Know About Her

Deux ou trois choses que je sais d’elle (Two or Three Things I Know About Her, 1967) is a very special entry in the remarkable

Film Socialisme

godard     english     cannes: The Reception of Film Socialisme‘s “Navajo English” Subtitles

Samuel Bréan, founding member of the French Association of Audiovisual Translators, offers some absorbing insights in to Godard’s subtitling strategies

Godard’s Comic Strip Mise-en-Scène

Taking the three films Made in USA, La Chinoise and Tout va bien as a focus, Drew Morton looks at how Jean-Luc Godard (and Jean-Pierre

Vivre sa vie: An Introduction and A to Z

Roland-François Lack provides an informative lexicon to this early masterpiece by Godard

“Mange ta soupe”: Introduction to the Bourseillers on Jean-Luc Godard

Published here for the first time in English, translator Sally Shafto provides a brief context for the two pieces that follow by Antoine and Christophe

“1963-1968. Paris: The Godard Years”

A chapter from Bourseiller’s memoir Sans relâche: Histoires d’une vie which offers a rich and moving account of his friendship with Godard

Excerpts from L’Aventure moderne

Some salient passages from Christophe Bourseiller’s memoirs on growing up in the 1960s. Christophe is one-time child actor for Godard, Maoist and Situationist

Histoire(s) du cinéma

Histoire(s) du cinéma (1988-1998 France/Switzerland 265 Mins) Program 1a: “Toutes les historie(s)” (“All the [Hi]stories”) 51 mins; Program 1b: “Une histoire seule” (“A Lone [Hi]story”)

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