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“… Only Superficially Superficial”: The Tragedy of Sophistication in Madame de…

This annotation previously appeared in Senses of Cinema, no. 25, Mar–Apr 2003. Madame de… (1953 France 102 mins) Source: Film Alliance Prod Co: Franco-London Prod:

Lola Montès

Lola Montès (1955 France/West Germany 110 mins) Source: Prod Co: GammaFilms/Florida/Union/Oska Prod: Albert Caraco Dir: Max Ophuls Scr: Max Ophuls, Annette Wademant, based on the


Liebelei (1933 Germany/Austria 88 mins) Source: Prod Co: Elite-Tonfilm Dir: Max Ophuls Scr: Curtis Alexander, Felix Salten, Hans Wilhelm, based on the story by Arthur

Letter from an Unknown Woman

Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948 USA 90 mins) Source: Prod Co: Rampart Productions/Universal International Prod: John Houseman Dir: Max Ophuls [Opuls] Scr: Howard Koch,

The Exile

The Exile (1947 USA 95 mins) Source: Prod Co: Universal International Pictures Prod: Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Dir: Max Opuls [Ophuls] Scr: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., “suggested

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