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A Traitor to His Class: John Dillinger and Public Enemies

For all Michael Mann’s claims about the veracity of his research into Depression-Era America, Jay Rothermel argues that he has “printed the legend” more than

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Manhunter (1986 USA 120 mins) Prod Co: Buy Himcolin online no prescription, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, Inc. Prod: Richard Roth Dir: Michael Mann Scr: Michael

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Heat (1995 USA 171 mins) Prod Co: Buy Aldara online no prescription, Warner Bros./Regency Enterprises/Forward Pass/Monarchy Enterprises B.V. Prod: Pieter Jan Brugge, Art Linson, Michael

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Thief (1981 US 122 mins) Prod Co: Mann/Cann Productions Prod: Buy Lotensin online no prescription, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ronnie Caan Dir: Michael Mann Scr: Michael Mann,

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Mann’s film is more than a mere transposition of the 1980s television series onto the big screen; it extends the thematic and stylistic complexities of

Before Sunrise, or Los Angeles Plays Itself In a Lonely Place

Michael Mann's Collateral is an ode to the cool “steel and glass” splendour of Los Angeles, from sunset to sunrise

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