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Viviane Vagh

Moving through the Absence: Viviane Vagh’s Ground Zero NY, 2005

From there, faced with these large frescoes, the feeling of the past being wiped away, of its disappearing and the impression of ruins: of traces

Notes on Free Women/Femmes libres

In a field dominated by intellectual showmanship and hermetic eccentricity, Viviane Vagh’s filmmaking speaks with a voice as familiar as it is poetic. Her latest

Magical Transformations: A Conversation with Viviane Vagh

“There are lots of different identities in my genes”, says Viviane Vagh. We speak on the ’phone, she in Paris, me in Yorkshire, but either

Viviane Vagh and the Poetics of Disappearance, Or: A Portrait of Cinema as a Young Girl

A young girl on a sunny day. Gracefully, she comes and goes. Does she know she’s being filmed? Does she know that, as her image

Experimental Fusions: Viviane Vagh’s Beachcombers Installations

Viviane Vagh’s absorbing installation series, “Beachcombers”, is a celebration of fusion. Vagh explores the meeting points of natural elements, such as land and sea, of

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