Rolando Caputo

Rolando Caputo likes the sound of wind on film, and lectures in the Cinema Studies Program, La Trobe University (Melbourne).

Michelle Carey
Film Festivals Editor

Michelle Carey lives in Melbourne. She also programs films for the Melbourne Cinémathèque and the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Daniel Fairfax
Book Reviews Editor

Daniel Fairfax is a doctoral candidate in Film Studies and Comparative Literature at Yale University.

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown holds an MA in Arts and Cultural Management (Moving Image) from the University of Melbourne and freelances as a graphic designer & communications consultant.

Adrian Danks
Cteq Annotations & Australian Cinema Editor

Adrian Danks is Director of Contextual Studies (including Cinema Studies) in the School of Media and Communication, RMIT University. He is also co-curator of the Melbourne Cinémathèque and co-editor of Senses of Cinema.

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards has recently completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne and is currently a tutor in Screen and Cultural Studies. He also programs for the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

You can email Stuart.

Senses of Cinema committee

David Oakley (President)

Angela Ndalianis (Vice-President)

Nick Read (Treasurer)

Mark Spratt

Philippa Lamb

Jennifer Sabine