Michelle Carey

Michelle Carey lives in Melbourne. She also programs films for the Melbourne Cinémathèque and the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Daniel Fairfax

Daniel Fairfax is a doctoral candidate in Film Studies and Comparative Literature at Yale University.

Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards has a PhD in Film and Television from Monash University, and currently teaches at Melbourne University. He lived and worked in China from 2007-11, and before that worked at the Australian Film Commission.

You can email Dan at dan[at]sensesofcinema.com.

Tim O’Farrell

Tim O’Farrell teaches cinema at the Victorian College of the Arts, programmes films for the Melbourne International Film Festival, has a PhD in Cinema Studies from La Trobe University and works as a lawyer.

You can email Tim at tim[at]sensesofcinema.com.

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas is an award winning film critic, broadcaster and author of Rape-Revenge Films (2011), Found Footage Horror Films (2014) and Suspiria (2015). She’s also an Adjunct Research Fellow at Swinburne University.

Rachel Brown
Webmaster and Administrator

Rachel Brown holds an MA in Arts and Cultural Management (Moving Image) from the University of Melbourne and freelances as a graphic designer & communications consultant.


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