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Drawn and Quartered: Wendy Toye’s In the Picture

Belonging to the anthology Three Cases of Murder from 1955, Wendy Toye's contribution is British horror cinema at its most perverse and striking

Annotations from the Edge of an Abyss: Rogério Sganzerla’s Anthropophagic Film Collages

A tribute to Rogério Sganzerla, Brazilian filmmaker extraordinaire, who whilst working in an era of military dictatorship made culturally and aesthetically radical, subversive films which

The Rise of the Mandacaru: Brazilian Cinema Renewed

An account of Brazilian cinema post-1992 that interweaves the country's politics and temperament with its cinema

Mother Joan of The Angels

Mother Joan of The Angels (1961 Poland 105 mins) Source: ScreenSound Australia Prod Co: Film Polski – ZRF “Kadr” Dir: Jerzy Kawalerowicz Scr: Jerzy Kawalerowicz,

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