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from Robert Daudelin, Bernard Eisenschitz, Paul Byrnes, Samuel Macgeorge, and James Leahy Responses to articles, and comments on any aspect of Senses of Cinema, should

Welcome to Issue 32 of our journal!

Marvelling at a scene in The Dreamers in which an auditorium of students sit bug-eyed at a screening of Shock Corridor, Maximilian Le Cain writes

Making Reality

The “amazing grace” of Rossellini's historical TV films

What is the Matrix? Cinema, Totality, and Topophilia

Leary maps the vertiginous images of “totality” presented in The Matrix and its sequels

Daily Reports from the 53rd Melbourne International Film Festival

• Festival Wrap-Up • Friday 6 August • Thursday 5 August • Wednesday 4 August • Monday 2 August • Sunday 1 August • Thursday

Border Zones: The Films of Ulrich Seidl

Tracing the many subjects and styles of the “staged reality” of Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl, Frey concludes with a look at his latest film, Jesus,


Sürü/The Herd (1978 Turkey 118 mins) Source: ACMI Collections Prod Co: Güney Film Dir: Zeki Ökten Scr: Yilmaz Güney Phot: Izzet Akay Ed: Özdemir Aritan

“Do I Exist?”: The Unbearable Blankness of Being in Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Bright Future

More comprehensible than the prolific Kurosawa's previous efforts, this story of an unlikely friendship between a hopeless youth, an older man and a jellyfish is

Time and Tide: Yasujiro Ozu’s Late Autumn

Late Autumn/Akibiyori (1960 Japan 125 mins) Source, Prod Co: Shochiku Films Dir: Yasujiro Ozu Scr: Kogo Noda, Yasujiro Ozu, from the novel by Ton Satomi

For Criticism (Again): Movie Love in the Fifties by James Harvey

See the bottom of the page for a list of all films mentioned in this review. [Introduction] This is a terrific book. No, it is

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