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Cinema. A Stream: The 9th Udine Far East Film Festival

20-29 April 2007 Udine’s Far East Film Festival remains a gathering place of choice for those truly serious about East and Southeast Asian cinemas: for

A Promising Start to a Rejuvenated Festival: The 54th Sydney Film Festival

8-24 June 2007 By almost any measure, the 2007 Sydney Film Festival has been the best since at least 2004. The range of films was

Cinema Without Borders: The 56th Melbourne International Film Festival

25 July – 12 August 2007 An international film festival is kind of like an extended news bulletin – a dispatch wired back to us

Passionate Encounters with Jane Campion’s “Cinematic Consciousness”: Jane Campion by Kathleen McHugh and The Piano by Gail Jones

Research into female authorship in the cinema was a neglected area in cinema studies until the 1990s (1). Since then, there has been an increased

Tony Richardson

b. 5 June 1928, Shipley, Yorkshire, England d. 14 November 1991, Los Angeles Filmography Select Bibliography Articles in Senses Web Resources The Light Touch of

For the Love of Experimental Cinema: Interview with Christian Lebrat

A key contributor to France’s experimental film culture, Christian Lebrat, filmmaker and director of the publishing imprint Paris Expérimental, talks about his films and related

“I Have Always Been Attracted to Painting”: Handwritten Notes Taken to Answer a Friend’s Questions, Written in 1984

Christian Lebrat discusses the early phase of his career, including such works as Film numéro deux, Liminal Minimal and Autoportrait au dispositif

The Lost Prophet of Cinema: The Film Theory of Antonin Artaud

Of the many scenarios written by Antonin Artaud, only one was produced: The Seashell and the Clergyman. Though Artaud’s association with cinema was a troubled

Identity of Cinema: Experimental and Different

A translation that first appeared in the French magazine Europe in 2006, in which Raphaël Bassan presents a myriad of stimulating reflections on the history

Notes on the Death of Beauty, Art and Talent: A Correspondence with Ben Hackworth

The co-writer and director of the recent Australian independent feature Corroboree discusses his film, and the broader issues of film culture and film funding that

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