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A Family Affair: Cinema Calls Home edited by Murray Pomerance

In Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear (1991), Jessica Lange and Nick Nolte are lying in bed discussing the increasingly disturbing harassment they are experiencing at the

Michel pour mémoire

In order to understand Michel Fournier’s personality, it helps to know that his silent, five-hour-long, abstract, black-and- white-feature, A quoi rêve le fétus? (Of What Does the

Remembering Michel Fournier

This past January while in Paris I tried to contact Michel Fournier, Philippe Garrel’s legendary cameraman on six films, from Marie pour Mémoire (1968) to

Bel homme, adieu!

In April 1968, I was at the Hyères Film Festival to present my philosophical short film, Héracilite l’Obscur (1967). Philippe Garrel was there with his

Why Samuel Fuller?

The recent DVD release of White Dog gives Tag Gallagher cause to take stock of Fuller’s career and ponder what exactly it was that set

Vienna’s Prater District on Film, or: Looking at the World Again

This article examines the filmic representation of Vienna’s famous Prater district and the many discourses around its historical significance.

Adapting Julio Cortázar: Interview with Nicolas Humbert on Lucie et maintenant – Journal nomade

The film takes as its source Cortázar’s (and wife-photographer Carol Dunlop’s) book about their unusual road trip from Paris to Marseille, titled Autonauts of the

Il faut tout (re)garder dans son format d’origine: An Interview with Claude Bertemes, Director of the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg

The origins of the Luxembourg Cinémathèque is a fascinating story of cinéphilia in its own right. Claude Bertemes discusses the Cinémathèque’s history, along with issues

The Monologist and the Fighter: An Interview with Bob Rafelson

For any scholar of the so-called New American cinema of the late ’60s and early ’70s, the career of Bob Rafelson makes for an interesting

Andrew V. McLaglen: Last of the Hollywood Professionals

Andrew V. McLaglen never quite reached the ranks of auteur, but he left his mark in his own way. This career interview offers real insight

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