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Albie Thoms Dossier

Albie Thoms, 1997 (Photo: Peter Mudie)

From Ubu Roi to My Generation: A Tribute to Albie Thoms

[caption id="attachment_16100" align="alignright" width="272" caption="Albie Thoms, 1997 (Photo: Peter Mudie)"][/caption] Albie Thoms (1941-2012) was one of the most significant figures of Australian postwar film culture.


Why Albie Thoms? – A Singular Commitment and a Figure Displaced

The Memorial Event – Thoms’ Resurrection On 17 December 2012, a large group of people came together in Paddington Town Hall to celebrate Albie Thoms’

Danni - At the Amsterdam Film Co-op 1970 Courtesy of the NFSA

The Ubu Moment and Australian Experimental Film: Interviews with Albie Thoms

By Danni Zuvela for OtherFilm Albie Thoms (1941-2012) led a remarkable life. Perhaps most well-known as a filmmaker and founder of the pioneering avant-garde film

At the Amsterdam Film Co-op, 1970 (Courtesy of the NFSA)

Albie Thoms Refractions

By Danni Zuvela for OtherFilm The scene is a screen, but split into three. A line, radiating from centre frame, separates the left trident (tinted

Albie Thoms at the Sydney Underground Film Festival

Albie – A Well-Directed Life

[caption id="attachment_16093" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Albie Thoms at the Sydney Underground Film Festival"][/caption] One of the last things Albie Thoms did before he died late last

Albie Thoms and Richard Neville, London, 1970

Albie Thoms (dissimilis aliqua alia)

Unlike any other, without a doubt. For everyone that knew Albie, had worked with him, had shared a laugh or had watched his films and

Albie Thoms on the set of Skippy (photo: David Beal)

Days of Future Past: Albie Thoms’ Polemics

I met Albie Thoms only once, in 2009, when the Australian Centre for the Moving Image revived his 1969 feature Marinetti – an avant-garde extravaganza

Albie Thoms carving a turkey, Goodhope Street, Sydney, 1966 (Photo: Aggy Read)

Albie Thoms as an Historian

In the 1970s I was a regular reader of Albie Thoms’ articles on Australian cinema – with their emphasis on alternative filmmaking – in Filmnews,

Albie Thoms (seated) acting in Tribulations-of-Mr-Dupont-Nomore (dir David Perry), 1967

Memoir of Albie

“Another sacred fire has gone out…” That’s the opening line of the poem I recited at the wake for Shelton Lea in 2005. Now I want

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