Issue 55


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“‘I Build a Jigsaw Puzzle of a Dream-Germany’: An Interview with German Filmmaker Dominik Graf”

On the evidence of this absorbing and articulate interview alone, Dominik Graf is worthy of being better know outside the borders of the German speaking world. He not only offers insights into his own filmmaking practice and aesthetic, but also a range of fascinating observations covering the last forty or so years of German cinema and cultural history.

Michael Lucas and the Pornography of Migration

The DVD Men of Israel has put gay porn magnate Michael Lucas on the map in a major way, and as Max Cavitch argues, “It’s a DVD that tempts viewers to peer across the porn/non-porn audience divide precisely because it rivets attention to other kinds of boundaries—especially those that define the contemporary Middle East and the lives of its sexual minorities and of gay men in particular.”
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Loose Ends in Night Moves

Essentially a film about failure, Arthur Penn’s 1975 film comes closest to best capturing the haunting malaise that descended on post-Watergate America. Bruce Jackson takes a fresh look at a detective film without ultimate answers.

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