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Rebecca (Alfred Hitchcock, 1940)

Back to Freud! Superbitch! Alfred Hitchcock’s 50-Year Obsession with Jack the Ripper and the Eternal Prostitute. A Psycho-analytic Interpretation by Theodore Price

The explanation for the Woman Double theme of The Virgin and The Whore, which I would like to believe is common cultural knowledge by now,


Vertigo: The Best Film of All Time?

Way back in 1982, Vertigo debuted on the BFI’s Sight & Sound Poll of Best Films at number 7. Since then it has slowly ascended,


Boy Meets Girl: Architectonics of a Hitchcockian Shot

Boy meets girl…and falls in love. In this case, Cary Grant with Ingrid Bergman in Notorious. Murray Pomerance’s analysis demonstrates how Hitchcock’s astute mise-en-scene makes

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In this brilliantly imaginative piece, Ken Mogg takes several literary texts and uses them to synoptically illuminate Hitchcock’s intentions behind The Birds. Don’t for a

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Hitchcock scholar Alain Kerzoncuf resurrects some insightful archival material regarding Hitchcock’s 1944 short war-effort propaganda film

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Buy Altace online no prescription, Richard Allen demonstrates his enduring fascination and respect for Hitchcock’s filmmaking within a compelling new authorial study. Hitchcock’s Romantic Irony

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“This essay is a return to the scene of the crime.” The author of Hitchcock and 20th Century Cinema re-evaluates his low opinion of Stage

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Alfred Hitchcock had plans to develop a project titled No Bail for the Judge, but when that faulted he turned his attention to Psycho

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Alfred Hitchcock’s film of John Buchan’s novel, The Thirty-Nine Steps, was one of his most successful, and he repeatedly used the story template in other

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The fate of Alfred Hitchcock’s little-seen film about the French Resistance reads like one of his own espionage thrillers. Hitchcock scholar Alain Kerzoncuf tracks through

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