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Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986) directed seven feature films over a 24-year period. Zerkalo (Mirror), released in 1975, comes at the midway point in his career. It



I could go on and on about Tarkovsky. Thousands have.  Some directors seem made for critical fodder. Hitchcock, Welles, Ford, Kurosawa, and others in the

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An essay that reflects on Andrei Tarkovsky’s two seminal works, Solaris and Stalker, in the light of the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset’s reference

Russian Soul, Eurotrance: Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids edited by Giovanni Chiaramonte and Andrei A. Tarkovsky

If only because of the softness of the image, and that unavoidably yellowy-brown colour palette characteristic of Polaroid snaps, these photographs could not deserve recognition

The Passion According to Andrei: Andrei Rublev

This article was originally published in Metro 110 (1997). * * * Andrei Rublev (1966 USSR 146mins) 35mm Source: Film Alliance Prod Co: Mosfilm Dir:

The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice (1986 Sweden 145mins) 35mm Source: Sharmill Films Prod Co: Svensk Filmindustri, Argos Prod: Katinka Farago Dir Scr: Andrei Tarkovsky Phot: Sven Nykvist Ed:


Nostalghia (1983 Italy 130mins) Source: Artificial Eye (UK) Prod Co: Opera Films, Sovin Film, RAI Prod: Francesco Casati Dir: Andrei Tarkovsky Scr: Tarkovsky, Tonino Guerra

Ivan’s Childhood

Ivan's Childhood (1962 USSR 97mins) Source: Film Alliance Prod Co: Mosfilm Dir: Andrei Tarkovsky Scr: Vladimir Bogomolov, Michael Papava from the story by Bogomolov Phot:

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