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35 rhums

Electra Revisited: On Claire Denis’ 35 rhums

“O pardon the one who knocks for pardon at  your gate, father – your hound-bitch, daughter, friend.  It was my love that did us both

S'en fout la mort

No Fear, No Die

One never forgets Bresson. Admiration is a very complicated thing. It’s like alchemy; you admire something and then one day you realise that this admiration

White Material

White Material

One could say that sound has always featured as an important element in the work of Claire Denis. Her 1999 Beau travail is a choreographed

The Intruder

The Intruder

In an interview following the Toronto Film Festival screening of L’intrus (The Intruder, 2004), Claire Denis remarked that her films are sometimes unbalanced: “They have

I Can't Sleep

Gestures of Intimacy: Claire Denis’ I Can’t Sleep

No doubt those who are familiar with Claire Denis’ work will be well aware of how her films are invested in and expressive of the

Claire Denis

b. 1948 Paris, France Filmography Bibliography Articles in Senses Web Resources When you look at the hills, beyond the houses and beyond the trees, where the

Dancing Reveals So Much: An Interview with Claire Denis

Denis discusses her recent feature, 35 Shots of Rum, a film inspired by Yasujiro Ozu’s Late Spring, and, as Hughes puts it, “a love story

Jacques Rivette – Le veilleur

Jacques Rivette – Le veilleur/Jacques Rivette – The Night Watchman (1990 France 125 mins) Prod Co: Arte Prod: Janine Bazin, André S. Labarthe Dir: Claire

Beau travail

Beau travail (1999 France 90 mins) Prod Co: Le Sept-Arte/SM Films/Tanaïs Productions Prod: Patrick Grandperret, Jérôme Minet Dir: Claire Denis Scr: Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau,

Claire Denis by Martine Beugnet

Martine Beugnet’s study of Claire Denis is a highlight of the lively Manchester series on French film directors, and well worth an uninterrupted read from

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