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Not Quite Hollywood

Living for the Moment: Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (Mark Hartley, 2008)

“If you like outrageous cinema, you live and breathe to wait for those weird moments that happen every once in a while in genre cinema,

Fig 1. Sarah Polley filming with a Super 8 camera in Stories We Tell

Memory’s Chorus: Stories We Tell and Sarah Polley’s Theory of Autobiography

[caption id="attachment_18490" align="aligncenter" width="456"] Fig 1. Sarah Polley filming with a Super 8 camera in Stories We Tell[/caption] Near the beginning of Sarah Polley’s newest

At Berkeley

Reasoned Arguments: A Conversation with Frederick Wiseman about At Berkeley

Frederick Wiseman’s second documentary, High School (1968), was at the time of its release an unprecedented glimpse into America’s public education system. Throughout his career,

Fig. 2 Making Tough Love

Ethics in the Immersive Documentary

An elderly Cajun recalls his life spent in the Louisiana bayous for decades as he has struggled to survive on the meager income of a

Ai Wei Wei: the Fake Case

Everything is Under Control: Ai Weiwei’s Film Curation at the 11th CPH:DOX

The case is against the company Fake. …When I came out [of detention], I asked: “What is the economic problem?” They said: “This has nothing

A World Not Ours

Protagonists and Perpetrators: The 13th Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival

Who is the author of a documentary film? This was just one question that arose repeatedly during the week of the Yamagata International Documentary Film

The Act of Killing

Cinematic Scar Tissue: An Interview with Joshua Oppenheimer on The Act of Killing

Surreal, sickening and profoundly disturbing – The Act of Killing (2012) may not be easy to watch, but it has turned the documentary form on its


The Appearance of Appearance: Absolute Truth in Abbas Kiarostami’s ABC Africa

In Ten on Ten, a 2004 documentary featuring ten short scenes in which Abbas Kiarostami speaks in a car on his work in filming 2001’s

Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner on location

“There is still time… brother”: On the Beach and Lawrence Johnston’s Fallout

“Swimming”, he told her. “He wants to have a swim.” “Sailing? There’s a race on Saturday.” “I didn’t ask him. I should think he sails.

The Sunnyboys

“Trouble in my brain… everything inside is turning blue…”

In the early eighties, The Sunnyboys were the greatest band on the planet… - Stuart Coupe, Music Journalist (interviewed in The Sunnyboy) Kaye Harrison’s new

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