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Josephine Decker

Uncanny, Haptic Encounters and the Importance of Play: An Interview with Josephine Decker, Filmmaker

Not all actors are filmmakers, and not all filmmakers can act. And certainly not all actor-filmmakers walk in slow motion in Times Square with cans

© Bego Anton

“Everything is dead but the motor still turns”: An Interview with Albert Serra

It was with some trepidation that I watched Catalonian director Albert Serra’s Historia de la meva mort (The Story of My Death) at this year’s

At Berkeley

Reasoned Arguments: A Conversation with Frederick Wiseman about At Berkeley

Frederick Wiseman’s second documentary, High School (1968), was at the time of its release an unprecedented glimpse into America’s public education system. Throughout his career,

The Railway Man

Bringing the War Back Home: An Interview with Jonathan Teplitzky on The Railway Man

A $16 million Australia-UK co-production, Jonathan Teplitzky’s The Railway Man tells the story of Second Lieutenant Eric Lomax, a Signal Corps engineer from Edinburgh who

Putty Hill

The Porterfield Touch: An Interview with Matthew Porterfield

When can a filmmaker be said to have ‘a touch’? Ernst Lubitsch had a touch, but what exactly was this? A penchant for comic timing,

Michael Winner and Marlon Brando

Fan Filmmaker and Star-struck Celebrity: An Interview with Michael Winner

Orson Welles, Sophia Loren, Marlon Brando, Lauren Bacall, Michael Caine, John Gielgud and Ben Kingsley: whilst this list offers a roll-call for some of the most


Bref Magazine, or, A Tribute to Short Films and thus to the Cinema in General

I have been acquainted with the magazine Bref: le magazine du court métrage (1) and have followed its articles on short films for many years

La Cecilia

“Yes, we were utopians; in a way, I still am…”: interview with Jean-Louis Comolli (Part 2)

Editor of Cahiers du cinéma between 1965 and 1973, Jean-Louis Comolli’s foundational place in the history of film theory will be assured by several key

Jean-Louis Comolli

“Yes, we were utopians; in a way, I still am…”: An Interview with Jean-Louis Comolli (Part 1)

In depth interview with one of the seminal figures in the emergence of a Marxist/Althusserian oriented film theory. In this first of a two-part interview,

Aleksandr Sokurov. Photo by Luka Umek.

“Even God Was Overcome by Laziness”: An interview with Aleksandr Sokurov

A true poet of the cinema, the director of, amongst others, Russian Ark and The Sun, talks philosophy, religion, aesthetics and the Russian soul

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