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Jacques Rivette

L'Amour Fou book cover

L’amour fou: A Revolution in Realism, Reflexivity, and Oneiric Reverie

An excerpt on one of the masterpieces of 6os cinema from Mary Wiles' forthcoming book on Jacques Rivette, published by Illinois University Press.

Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette by Douglas Morrey and Alison Smith

Jacques Rivette: Phantom of the Cinema could well be an alternative title for this book, the long overdue first English-language monograph on the enigmatic French


Duelle/Twhylight (1976 France 118 mins) Prod Co: Sunchild Productions/Les Productions Jacques Roitfeld/L’INA Prod: Stéphane Tchalgadjieff Dir: Jacques Rivette Scr: Eduardo de Gregorio, Marilù Parolini, Jacques

Céline et Julie vont en bateau

Céline et Julie vont en bateau/Celine and Julie go Boating (1974 France 193 mins) Prod Co: Les Films du Losange Prod: Barbet Schroeder Dir: Jacques

La belle noiseuse

La belle noiseuse (1991 France 240 mins) Prod Co: Pierre Grise Productions/George Reinhardt Productions/FR3 Films Productions/Région Languedoc-Roussillon Prod: Martine Marignac Dir: Jacques Rivette Scr: Pascal

Paris nous appartient/Paris Belongs to Us

Paris nous appartient/Paris Belongs to Us (1961 France 140 mins) Prod Co: Ajym Films/Les Films du Carrosse Prod: Roland Nonin Dir: Jacques Rivette Scr: Jacques

Art Variables and Life Variables in La Belle noiseuse

An extensive reappraisal of Jacques Rivette’s mesmerising study of a painter and his model, and the ethical divide between life and art

Jacques Rivette – Le veilleur

Jacques Rivette – Le veilleur/Jacques Rivette – The Night Watchman (1990 France 125 mins) Prod Co: Arte Prod: Janine Bazin, André S. Labarthe Dir: Claire

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