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“Modern Love”: The 63rd Melbourne International Film Festival

After the opening night choice of Los amantes pasajeros (I’m so Excited!), which enthusiastically promised the complexities of a Pedro Almodóvar script and direction but

Deep Red, 1975

62nd Melbourne International Film Festival Dossier (2013)

To coincide with the 2013 Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), Senses of Cinema has commissioned a series of articles that cover two particularly important and

Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner on location

“There is still time… brother”: On the Beach and Lawrence Johnston’s Fallout

“Swimming”, he told her. “He wants to have a swim.” “Sailing? There’s a race on Saturday.” “I didn’t ask him. I should think he sails.

The Sunnyboys

“Trouble in my brain… everything inside is turning blue…”

In the early eighties, The Sunnyboys were the greatest band on the planet… - Stuart Coupe, Music Journalist (interviewed in The Sunnyboy) Kaye Harrison’s new

Th Pyjama Girl Case

The Girl in the Yellow Pyjamas

After graduating from the Italian National Film School in the immediate postwar period Flavio Mogherini became one of the most esteemed and sought-after production designers

A Quiet Place in the Country

Un tranquillo posto di campagna/A Quiet Place in the Country

Between 1961 and 1968, Elio Petri established himself as one of the most distinctive voices of Italian post-neo-realist cinema. His 1961 feature debut L’Assassino is

Author Frank Hardy, George Street, Sydney

The Parallel Universe

June 2013: It’s not often that you find yourself in another world, a parallel universe that’s real, has sentient beings passing through it and you

Patrick (2013)

“‘Pathetic Little Perv’: Patrick Rises Again”

In Mark Hartley’s Not Quite Hollywood (Mark Hartley, 2008), the writer/director explores a substantial group of underappreciated Australian genre films produced in the 1970s and

Deep Red

Dario Argento: Giallo and Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)

Argento’s World of Giallo Dario Argento (b. 1940-) has been making gialli for a long time. His first three features – L’uccello dalle piume di


No Place Like Home: The Late-Modern World of the Italian giallo Film

In the final shot of Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso (Deep Red, 1975), the amateur detective/jazz pianist Marcus Daly (David Hemmings) stares icily at his own

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