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Reworking Romanticism: Paul Cox’s Man of Flowers

Let us not say, “If only the texts were richer, the witnesses more loquacious, the confessions more detailed!” Don’t we seem today to have everything

Paul Cox: An Appreciation

I believe the first film by Paul Cox I saw was Man of Flowers (1983), at the 1984 Chicago Film Festival. The next year, My


Ardea cinerea is the scientific name of the Grey Heron found in Europe. In Human Touch (2004) a heron alights for a moment on a

The Persistent Maverick

“I find living itself quite difficult so you may as well make it more difficult by doing something crazy.” - Paul Cox (1) Paul Cox

A Collaboration Between Two Artists

My work with Paul Cox as Production Designer has been successful, I believe, because we have much in common. On the surface, our backgrounds are

Idiosyncrasy and Film

1. If I had to choose a motto for Paul Cox’s films, no motto would seem more appropriate to me than the phrase: “For people

To the point on point

“Paulus Henrikus Benidictus Cox”: the name triggers images of a character from some historical tale by Umberto Eco. From my experiences of collaborating with him

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