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Making a Film

Translator’s Preface Federico Fellini’s Fare un film (1980) is the most comprehensive collection of the idiosyncratic Italian director’s writings available in any language. The contents

Europe ’51

Three Films by Roberto Rossellini Starring Ingrid Bergman: The Criterion Edition of Stromboli, Europe ’51 and Journey to Italy

How did Italian cinema manage to become so big when from Rossellini to Visconti and from Antonioni to Fellini, no one recorded sound with images?

Voyage to Italy

Viaggio in Italia/Voyage to Italy/Voyage in Italy/Strangers (1954 Italy/France 97 mins) Prod Co: Sveva/Junior/Italiafilm Prod: Adolfo Fossataro Dir: Roberto Rossellini Scr: Roberto Rossellini, Vitaliano Brancati Phot:

Rome, Open City

Roma città aperta/Rome, Open City/Open City (1945 Italy 103 mins) Prod Co: Excelsa Film Dir: Roberto Rossellini Scr: Sergio Amidei, Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini Phot: Ubaldo


Paisà/Paisan (1946 Italy 115 mins) Prod Co: Organizzazione Film Internazionali/Foreign Film Production, Inc. Prod: Mario Conti, Rod E. Geiger Dir: Roberto Rossellini Scr: Sergio Amidei, Federico

The Machine that Kills Bad People

La macchina ammazzacattivi/The Machine that Kills Bad People/The Machine to Kill Bad People (1948/1952 Italy 83 mins) Prod Co: Universalia/Tevere Film Prod: Salvo D’Angelo Dir: Roberto

Germany, Year Zero

Germania anno zero/Germany, Year Zero (1947 Italy/West Germany/France 78 mins) Prod Co: Tevere Film/Sadfilm Prod: Alfredo Guarani, Roberto Rossellini Dir: Roberto Rossellini Scr: Roberto Rossellini, Carlo


L’amore (1948 Italy 78 mins) Prod Co: Tevere Film Prod, Dir: Roberto Rossellini Ed: Eraldo Da Roma Mus: Renzo Rossellini Una voce umana/A Human Voice Scr: Roberto Rossellini

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