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Cinema of Pre-predication: On Stan Brakhage and the Phenomenology of Maurice Merleau-Ponty

“Brakhage gives us phenomenologies on celluloid.” So argues Alex Cobb as he draws out the affinities between the filmmaker and the philosopher

The Wold Shadow

The Wold Shadow (1972 USA 3 mins) Filmmaker: Stan Brakhage One day, while walking in the woods, Stan Brakhage had a vision of an unaccountable


Mothlight (1963 USA 3 mins) Filmmaker: Stan Brakhage Animation has managed to anthropomorphise a wide variety of creatures, from coyotes to frogs, Tasmanian Devils to

I… Dreaming

I… Dreaming (1988 USA 7 mins) Filmmaker: Stan Brakhage Mus: Joel Haertling, Stephen Foster I… Dreaming occupies an atypical position within the work of Stan

Putting the Garden Into the Machine: On Brakhage’s The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Garden of Earthly Delights (1981 USA 2 mins) Filmmaker: Stan Brakhage Interviewed in 1996, Stan Brakhage felt uneasy about becoming a myth in his


Desistfilm (1954 USA 7 mins) Filmmaker: Stan Brakhage A buzz over the handmade titles disintegrates into a screech of feedback and a piano that sounds

Daybreak and Whiteye

Daybreak and Whiteye (1957 USA 8 mins) Filmmaker: Stan Brakhage As an amateur enthusiast working out of the Auckland Filmmakers’ Cooperative in the early 1980s

Tracing an Original and the Law of Diminishing Returns: Brakhage

Brakhage (1998 USA 75 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Prod Co: Sphinx Productions Prod: Alexa Frances-Shaw Dir, Scr: Jim Shedden Phot: Gerald Packer, Alexa Frances-Shaw Ed: Alexa

Across the Universe: Stan Brakhage’s The Dante Quartet

The Dante Quartet (1987 USA 7 mins) Source: NLA/ACMI Filmmaker: Stan Brakhage One of dozens of hand-painted films that Brakhage completed in the last two

A Remembrance for Stan Brakhage

A celebration of Brakhage's inspiring life and work, by a friend and collaborator

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